Our workforce is critical to our success as a business. We recognize the value of investing in the development of our employees—with a focus on diversity, equality, and leadership development. It is essential for our employees to feel supported and engaged by Ryder. These components and the diverse perspective of our employees directly contribute to our ability to innovate and operate efficiently.


At Ryder, we are committed to creating a supportive, diverse, and collaborative work environment. These traits support a capable workforce able to meet and find solutions for the challenges our customers face. We believe a diverse workforce brings a broader range of experiences and generates a greater variety of innovative ideas and perspectives, which are necessary to help our business succeed.

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Fostering Talent, Diversity & Equality

  • 103-1 Explanation of the material topic and its Boundary
  • 103-2 The management approach and its components
  • 103-3 Evaluation of the management approach
  • 401-2 Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees
  • 403-6 Promotion of worker health
  • 404-2 Programs for upgrading employee skills and transition assistance programs
  • 405-1 Diversity of governance bodies and employees
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