Organizational Profile


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  • 102-14
    Statement from senior decision-maker
  • 102-15
    Key impacts, risks, and opportunities

Ethics and Integrity


Stakeholder Engagement

Reporting Practices

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  • 102-45
    Entities included in the consolidated financial statements
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    Defining report content and topic Boundaries
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    List of material topics
  • 102-48
    Restatements of information

    We made updates to several environmental metrics from our 2017-2018 Corporate Sustainability Report. These updates are a result of improvements made in our metric accounting practices and a few data errors/corrections errors discovered after publication of the 2017-2018 Corporate Sustainability Report.

  • 102-49
    Changes in reporting


  • 102-50
    Reporting period
  • 102-51
    Date of most recent report

    We published our 2017-2018 Corporate Sustainability Report in March 2019.

  • 102-52
    Reporting cycle


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    Contact point for questions regarding the report
  • 102-54
    Claims of reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards
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    GRI content index

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    External assurance

    We did not seek external assurance for this report.

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